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In the girls rooms I had always had bed bases that needed to be covered with valances or sheets. Look they did the job and I had fun playing with different bed heads, however when I started to design their new rooms I knew it was time to add actual beds that they can have as they grow into teens (I'm not crying) and beyond..... One of my all time favourite furniture stores is LIFE INTERIORS. They have a stunning show room in Abbotsford, Melbourne and also one in Brisbane and Sydney. After MANY MANY scrolls through the incredible range at Life Interiors I went with my two first choices. The Luna Bed Base for Vienna and Luna Boucle Bed  for Harlow! Both a solid timber construction and look just as gorgeous as we hoped! I went with a base only in V's room as her built out wall acts as a "bedhead" and the full bed frame in H's room as I LOVED the boucle, it is just divine!

How perfect is the green side table in Viennas' room! It's also from Life Interiors and it works so perfectly with the green wall behind her bed. It looks good in the space whilst it still hides a lot of the "preteen mess" that has found its way into Vienna's room of late...

With life being crazy busy this year, I still haven't had a chance to fully finish Harlow's room and she is begging me for a desk. I have looked at so many and since we don't have much space in her room, these are a couple I am looking at,

Both great options and will fit the space nicely! I just have to make the decision.... So I'll keep you posted.

I know so many of you ask me about kids rooms and how to make them look nice but also be functional at the same time. My biggest piece of advice and what has worked the best for us, is to have a place for everything. Whether that be storage boxes in the wardrobe, dividers in the desk draw, cases under the bed. The more storage and order for the 4294629 things these kids have the better!

I hope that helps you tackle your own kids spaces and of course like always I would love to help, so feel free to comment, dm me on instagram or shoot me an email! AND for those of you who have made it this far, firstly THANK YOU :) and secondly, my friends at LIFE INTERIORS have given me a discount code for you to use on any pieces ---> HERE


Happy Shopping :)

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