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If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me “what stone did you choose in your kitchen?” I’d have a lot of dollars.

For us it was a no brainer that Caesarstone would be at the top of our list for the new kitchen. You can not go past the quality of their product and with such a huge array of colours Caesarstone has something for every kitchen design.

Our original kitchen had a Caesarstone bench top in a style called Linen and whilst the colour wasn’t ideal for my new kitchen design the condition from the past 11 years was still like new. Hence why choosing Caesaerstone for the new kitchen was a must!

If I can offer you one important piece of advice when choosing your stone it would be, Go into the showroom. There are so many images online of kitchens that you may love and just want to copy but nothing will ease your mind more than if you physically see and touch the choices.

Before you choose your stone decide how you want to “FEEL” in the space. Do you want it light and bright, do you want the feel to be relaxed or do you want that sense of drama with dark and moody. When you go into the showroom, bring with you some samples of what is going in your space. Whether it be flooring samples, carpets, tiles, even your favourite vase that may be a feature in the space. Having all of these with you will help you narrow down and decide on the best choice for you.


I had a few different ideas of what style of bench top I would have in my new kitchen. I loved the look of the Calacutta Nuvo or even the Primordia but I couldn’t visualise in my space. Once I went into the showroom and I saw them on display I was immediately drawn to the subtle beauty of Cloudburst Concrete .

Cloudburst concrete has a soft grey concrete base and white tonal, cloud like pattern. It has a rough, matt like finish to it which I LOVED.

Here are some more details below.

Roller Blind in CHANDLER B/O colour ADOBE

The durability of Caesarstone and the overall quality is undeniable. The choices are endless and the versatility makes Caesarstone a top choice when designing your space, whether it be a kitchen, bathroom or laundry! I am in love with the Cloudburst Concrete in my space. It is such a stunning piece and really adds such a light, relaxed feel to the kitchen. In our design we also choose to run the Cloudburst up the wall as the Splashbacks in the main part of the kitchen for a seamless flow and it looks incredible (keep an eye out for the next blog for finished images).

All images are taken by and property of Krystal Giardina of House Of Harvee.

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