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If you asked me in 2010 if I wanted to go to Bali. I would have said, “ummm no way, it doesn’t interest me at all” hahah who did I even think I was! It was my mum who persuaded us to try Bali in 2014 and I am so glad she did. It is now hands down one of our most favourite places to holiday, especially with kids! (did someone say Nanny.)

We have always stayed around the same area because hubby and I like to leave the kids with the nanny at night times and head out, just the two of us, for dinner and we love the restaurants in and around Seminyak. Getting a Villa around those areas means we aren’t too far from the kids.

Canggu is the new Seminyak… TRUE. Well, I think so and I’m sure if you ask regular Bali goers they will say the same thing. It is a little less busy than Seminyak, amazing places to eat and lots of places for the kids to explore.

You all saw the Villa we stayed at late last year and YES it was just as amazing in real life as it looked in the pics. Villa Atmo is a 4bedroom Villa with an amazing pool and huge living area. Bunk beds for the kids and 4 seperate bathrooms. 5 min walk from Batu Belig beach (although we didn’t get there this time, too busy eating)

We booked it through Bali Family Villa (not sponsored, we booked and paid just like everyone else) We chose to book through because when you do they organise everything you will need for the kids, for you. For example, a steriliser, toys for the kids to play with, pool toys, a cot and a pool fence on request. They honestly thought of everything and I can not recommend them enough!

There is housekeeping service, garden and pool maintenance staff and security in the night. Unlimited wifi is available complimentary to your stay. A driver, chef or massage therapists are available at additional charge.

I get messages all the time asking about this Villa and if I would recommend it. We LOVED it.. It was spacious, clean, the pool was insanely good and we loved the doors that opened up onto the pool. Being able to close the doors was a big tick for us because it helps to keep the mozzis out of a night time. The only thing I would warn you about and it isn’t a huge deal, but Villa Atmo is at the end of a side street, so if you are walking to the main road its about a 5min walk. It can be a little dark at night time but we were really lucky and all of our Blue Birds drove us all the way to the door.


Ok I could be here all day describing all the amazing food that Bali has, no seriously I could. I am not exaggerating when I say, Bali has the best restaurants I have ever been too. I’m just going to give you a list of where we have been and loved so you HAVE to go.. So take note.

  • BARBACOA (my all time favourite restaurant in the world)
  • DA MARIA (best pizza ever and they let the kids go in the kitchen and make their own pizzas!)
  • CAFE DEL MAR (think Ibiza…. with pizza STAY ALL DAY see below :))
  • LA BRISA (think The Blue Lagoon, go at 3pm and stay till sunset)
  • LING-LINGS (cheeseburger springrolls yummmm)
  • MEXICOLA (quick easy food, great atmosphere)
  • BOSS MAN (burgers to drool over)


  • MILK & MADU (great food, best pancakes and there is a playground for the kids)
  • KYND (think açai bowls)
  • COFFEE CARTEL (the one where they print the art on your latte)
  • NEON PALMS BALI (very instagramable)
  • REVOLVER (good coffee)
  • WATERCRESS CAFE (6min walk from Villa Atmo)


I get it, you are nervous because you never leave your kids with anyone, they don’t like new people and omg what if they cry and can you trust a nanny and so on and so forth… GET A NANNY.. it will be the best thing you ever do, I promise you. The first year we had our nanny I was so nervous. Harlow was only 5months old so I didn’t think in a million years I would be able to go out for dinner with just hubby nor did I think I would be able to relax and get an hour long massage….. But I did 3 times 😉 We love our Nanny, she is amazing and we cannot wait to see her again!

If you would like the details to our nanny please send me an email and I will happily send it across.


There is so much to do in Bali and everywhere you go the locals love kids and are always so lovely and accommodating. Most Cafes will have either a playground or colouring for the kids, restaurants will have food or activities for them to do and basically everywhere you go the staff will happily entertain your children while you finish your last glass of wine.

Go to Splash Water park  we had an absolute ball and usually I’m not one to like water parks. Splash isn’t too big so you can sit in one spot and still see the whole water area. The water slides are super fun and the food is good and reasonably priced!


*Remember you can’t drink the water in Bali, so always keep bottled water in the fridge. When you book through your villa will come with a water dispenser so you will always have fresh drinking water. I actually used the hot water from the dispenser to wash the kids plates and cutlery too. The ice in Bali is safe – the island’s ice supply is quality-controlled by the local government.

*There are lots of Geckos in Bali (small lizards) you will find them all over your Villa. They are harmless, I’m yet to meet a Gecko I didn’t like 😉

*Download the Blue Bird app on your phone so its easy to book cabs from anywhere, anytime. Only get in taxis that have the Blue Bird symbol. The others will try to charge you an arm and a leg.

*Before you leave the Villa of a day time, spray each room with aeroguard and then close the door. I was told to do this and I believe it works. We didn’t have many mosquitos this time round at all.

*Gojek.. Bali’s Uber/Uber Eats. Download it, it will save your life over there. Ever wanted to get a burger at 10pm in less that 5min… Gojek to the rescue! You can also book a ride through Gojek on a scooter. I took two scooters. The first one was great, I felt totally safe….. the second time was a little “omg am I going to die” lol

*We took our pram and used it when we went for walks from the Villa. It can be tricky walking on the foot path with a pram because they are quite small but definitely manageable.

*Because we booked through we had a driver to and from the airport who already had organised a carseat for Avery and Harlow. However, when we used Blue Birds (cabs) the kids just sat in the car with a seatbelt and Avery sat on our lap.

*Almost everywhere in Bali has FREE WIFI.. YAY

If you are considering travelling to Bali with kids, I highly recommend you book it now.. BOOK IT… goooooooooo

Feel free to ask me any questions, I probably forgot a few things!

All images are taken by and property of Krystal Giardina of House Of Harvee.


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