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Melbourne is Home… definitely and I don’t deny that at all. Los Angeles, however, it truly has my heart. Even more so now that I have done it all again with my 2 girls. WHY?? So many people ask me why.. It’s not one thing in particular, it’s a whole list of things that tick all my boxes, I just LOVE it. I day dream about living in LA all the time. In my head however, I’m 20 something and I mean, I must have super rich parents because I do so much and buy everything I see and money is no problem at all… also I’m much taller in my head and I have long skinny arms… 😉

Los Angeles

REALITY however, is quite different. Especially traveling with your husband and 2 kids, where money IS a factor and there is no internet on your mobile when you leave the hotel  (it’s terrifying let me tell you)

I had been asked by a few followers to do a blog post about “Travelling to the US with kids”

But if I’m going to be honest, I have no bloody idea how to travel with kids. Most nights I’ve wanted to cruise the LA streets till past midnight and its only till a little voice in the backseat says “are we going back to the hotel now? I’m sleepy” that I realise, crap I’m a mum…

We did do the 2017 parent trick and bring the ipads with us, although they have been more of a dead weight than anything else.

For my kids, at their ages and with their personalities, I realise now that I should have brought activity things for them. Like little craft making thingys or even a small box of legos (god bless the 98cent store)..

Something that would keep their little hands busy when we are in the car or at the hotel.

Universal is great, just so expensive to get in. I always plan to skip it, especially when I know I’m going to Disney, but we always seem to go. You know what though, seeing Vienna’s face straight after I took her on the Jurassic Park ride was totally worth the $500 it cost to get in 😉


Free candy at any hour of the day or night….. need I say more…

They do your laundry for FREE during your stay.

FREE popsicles by the pool and endless supply of drinks and ice-cream in the afternoon.

The rooms are clean and spacious and the staff are so so friendly.

The fact that this hotel is walking distance from Hollywood Blvd. is literally just an added bonus.

Before I go on let me just add that this is NOT a sponsored review or anything to that nature. We booked this hotel through the travel agent and had no idea what it would be like, but The Magic Castle 100% delivered the goods… We would stay here again in a heartbeat. Oh and did I mention FREE candy 🙂

There is so much colour in Los Angeles, which is one of the things I love about it, everywhere you look there is stunning greenery and buildings the most delicious pastel shades..

If I’m going to give traveling advice I’d have to say, my number one tip for traveling in LA with kids would be renting a car. It is so much easier to see all the amazing things in Los Angeles if you have a car to get you around. Yes traffic on the freeways is bad at times but beats paying for a cab if you ask me!

Brentwood Country Mart click here, the cutest little shopping place. Cute boutiques, great food and since it’s not super well known to tourists you will quite possibly see someone famous.. We were lucky enough to see Arnold Schwarzenegger casually eating an ice-cream 🙂

The incredible LACMA lights CLICK HERE  is a must for pictures like these!

Santa Monica

Santa Monica pier is crazy busy with people but it is so pretty 🙂 A good Idea is to go to Santa Monica or Venice beach and make the walk between the two if your up for a little stroll.

Both are really touristy but we love visiting them.

On the pier, food is quite pricey but the ice cream is super yummy so totally worth it.

Venice Beach


We took a drive to Malibu and wow, the fact that you have beautiful beach on one side and mountains on the other just blows my mind. It is so gorgeous!! Definitely worth the drive if you have a car.

Oh Los Angeles you gorgeous thing you.

We will be back 🙂

All images are taken by and property of Krystal Giardina of House Of Harvee.

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