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“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” -Walt Disney Most people, when they travel to the states, stay near Hollywood blvd and go out to Anaheim to see Disneyland for 1 or 2 days… I guess that makes sense to most, especially when I feel like the only thing we are told about Anaheim is that DisneyLand resort is located there. If I was to pack up my family and up root to the states, Anaheim would be the first place I look for a home. So the fact that most people don’t go there at all….. I mean, I can’t even deal with the thought of that!!! As you would know from my last blog, I love Los Angeles and Anaheim is a huge huge part of why I love it! One of the biggest reasons… DISNEYLAND Firstly, when you are planning a Disneyland trip, if you want to see more of Anaheim and the surrounding areas you definitely need a car and comfortable sneakers ;)


The Hilton, which is an 11 or so minute walk to the Disneyland park entrances. Gorgeous hotel, it’s a great location and if you are lucky enough to get a Disney view room you can enjoy the fireworks from your window. Downside is the price. It is quite expensive and nothing is complimentary (not even the wifi is free) Upside is, it has a Starbucks in the lobby and great pool/play area for the kids…. However your 11min from the happiest place on earth so why would you be swimming at the hotel.. (although my girls did love the pool) I can also highly recommend, The Red Lion Hotel which is about the same distance to the parks entrance, as the Hilton.

Super close by is a place I love called Anaheim Garden Walk Shops, restaurants (California Pizza Kitchen, The Cheese cake Factory etc) you can walk there from either of the hotels I have suggested.

Just remember when looking for a hotel in Anaheim, distance and price is more important than looks and extras. You will be at the parks for most of the day, the hotel is just to rest your legs for the next full day of FUN!

Did you know there are two parks. You’ll be surprised at how many people don’t know this.

Disneyland Resort and California Adventure Park. Both are spectacular, however, if I had to choose only one, Disneyland would win 100%.


Truth be told I go to Disneyland for me and not my children.. Sure they loved it, but I mean I have enough love for Disneyland for all of us. ;)

Remember there will be A LOT of walking around, so if you have a child that will get over walking, get yourself a stroller. You can hire them at the gate for $15 a day or you can do what we do every time and go to Walmart and buy a $49 stroller (so cheap and then you can sell it when you get home). In the parks there's "stroller parking" areas where you can leave it while you're on a ride. And don't worry, its surprisingly safe.

At California Adventure Park in 'A Bug's Land' there is a play area where water sprays out from the ground. It is so fun for the kids and an excellent way to escape the heat! I dress the girls in their bathers under their clothes when I know we are going to that side of the park.

There is plenty of food in Disneyland and California park but if you’re not up for buying it every day then you can bring some of your own food. We usually bring some fruit and bottles of water and get our main lunch and dinner in the parks (because the food is incredible!) The pretzels are amazing!

I could write about every single area of Disneyland and California Park, but the experience will be different for everyone and the best thing is when you see if all for the first time with no expectation.

So many people ask me what I think is a good age to take the kids to Disneyland. Vienna has been when she was 2.5yr old and now at 6yrs (6 was better). Harlow is 3 and if we didn’t have the stroller she would have complained a lot but other than that she was great (the general height requirement for some rides is 40inches/102cm, but there is plenty with no height requirement) I am 33yrs old and I could go every year and still feel butterflies.

STAY for the night time shows… If you don’t stay at least once then you haven’t experienced the magic of Disneyland. I cry, EVERY time I see it. At California Adventure Park there is the WORLD OF COLOUR water and fire display every night at around 8:15pm usually. Get a good spot right in front of Mickey's fun wheel, at about 7pm and just sit and wait, it’s so so worth it.

At Disneyland on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night there is FANTASMIC..(check the schedule) I can’t even talk about it because I want to burst into tears.. SO SO AMAZING. Fantasmic is held at Tom Sawyers island. If you don’t have 2 free nights, then as soon as Fantasmic has ended, race over to the front of the main castle and watch the Firework display “ Believe… In holiday magic 2017” is what it’s called at the moment. It is Magic, literally.

"I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse."- Walt Disney On the days we didn't spend at the parks, we explored other areas of Orange County like Laguna and Newport Beach. WOW, is all I can say. To think that we have been to the states so many times but this is the first time we have driven down there. Laguna is so pretty!Urth Caffe is a must try in Laguna. There is always a line to order but the food and drinks are delicious and totally worth it.Fashion Island in Newport is a gorgeous outdoor shopping mall that I love!Lido Marina Village The most amazing shopping area, definitely a must if your in Newport.

Big hugs to those of you that made it all the way to the end!

Thank you, If you have any questions about anything I may not have covered, please feel free to ask me in the comments below!

All images are taken by and property of Krystal Giardina of House Of Harvee.

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